Look, touch, and explore!

Welcome to the Weird & Wonderful Discovery Centre, our hands-on space for discovering the wonders of the natural world.

Hands-on gallery for kids

Hands-on gallery for kids

Visit the Weird & Wonderful gallery to look at and explore the thousands of collection items on display. Handle objects from our natural sciences collection, or have fun with our digital interactives.

Got a curly question? Or want to touch and hold a collection item? Ask one of our friendly Weird & Wonderful visitor hosts.

Look out for our fun family programmes listed on the what's on event calendar.

At times during the school term, access to some parts of Weird & Wonderful may be restricted to booked school groups. During the school holidays, there will be no classes in Weird & Wonderful.

Packed with interactives

Packed with interactives

The Nest
Children can climb upstairs into our nest. Feel as comfy as a bird in this quiet space. Chat with a friend, learn about our handling objects or simply snuggle up with a book.

Weird & Wonderful Discovery Trail
Find the 16 labels connected with some of Weird & Wonderful's most interesting exhibits and collections. Adventure around the gallery, open the doors and discover more!

Butterfly garden

Create your very own butterfly and release it into the magical digital garden where it will flutter about with its butterfly friends. Choose colours, special markings, and a name, and share your butterfly for everyone to see.

Be a scientist for the day

Be a scientist for the day

Get up close, extremely close, to our Weird & Wonderful specimens and collection items using our microscopes. What can you see that you couldn't see before?

Collection wall
Ever wanted to hold a real bone? Want to see a dinosaur skull? The Weird & Wonderful gallery is home to some of the most amazing collections from across the living world. Ask a visitor host to touch and learn more about the treasures in our handling collection.

Discovery stations
Ever wondered about the creatures who live under the sea? Can you guess what you are touching? Look, touch and explore at our discovery stations.

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