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From ancient civilisations to the world's wildlife, the range of exhibitions coming to Auckland Museum has something for everyone. And remember, Museum Members get unlimited free access to all paid exhibitions as well as many more benefits. Find out more about becoming a member here.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Witness the world's top nature photographs from the most prestigious photography competition of its kind, elegantly illuminated, up close and in person.

Organised by the Natural History Museum in London, the competition attracts the world's most impressive nature photographers, showcasing a combination of skill, luck, and above all the beauty of the natural world. 

This is a paid exhibition but is free for Museum Members.

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Te Rā: Navigating Home

Te Rā: Navigating Home

Woven from harakeke likely over 200 years ago, Te Rā is the only known customary Māori sail in existence. This November we're welcoming Te Rā to Auckland Museum and two younger sibling sails made recently by Te Rā Ringa Raupā.

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A Different Light: First Photographs of Aotearoa

A Different Light: First Photographs of Aotearoa

Explore the captivating evolution of photography in 19th-century New Zealand, and witness the identity of the early nation develop before the camera lens.

Experience the 19th-century studio as you pose for your own digital Victorian portrait, and explore the wonder of this new technology that changed the way we see ourselves forever.

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Upcoming exhibitions

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RELICS: A New World Rises

WED 29 MAY – SUN 13 OCT 2024

RELICS: A New World Rises is an immersive new exhibition by Australian LEGO® Masters Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler that explores an imagined future where LEGO® minifigure civilisations have evolved, and now thrive, in discarded vintage treasures.

Set in a time long after humanity’s reign, RELICS: A New World Rises tells the story of a world where LEGO® minifigures have risen from the debris of our civilisation to build their own intricate worlds in forgotten artefacts, each one inspired by the object they now call home

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3D models: Mosquito, Leech, and Black Fly © Royal Ontario Museum, 2020

Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches

DEC 2024 – APR 2025

See bloodsuckers in a whole new light in Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches. Featuring immersive experiences, larger-than-life installations, and interactive elements, this exhibition will answer your biting questions about blood feeding creatures, whether they’re from the natural or supernatural realm. 

From Dracula to mosquitoes and ticks, Bloodsuckers explores the incredible diversity, evolution, and interconnected world of nature’s ‘vampires’, and the myths, legends, and pop culture they have inspired. 

Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches is produced and circulated by ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), Toronto, Canada

Photograph: Mark Sullivan / Contour by Getty Images


JUN – OCT 2025

From nineteenth century opera singers and goddesses of stage and film to contemporary global superstars, DIVA will reveal how the diva has been subverted or embraced, across gender, genres and history. Featuring icons such as Maria Callas, Dusty Springfield, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cher and Rihanna, DIVA celebrates how performers continue to redefine the term.  

Through iconic looks, posters, song sheets, personal objects, photography and more, DIVA will demonstrate the phenomenal ability of the diva to transform, inspire, and embrace. This exhibition will examine the external and internal forces that contribute to defining, shaping, and worshipping a diva. Delving into the origins of the term ‘diva’ - meaning goddess in Italian - the exhibition will explore how the definition of the word has been subverted and embraced over time, and how the label has been reclaimed by performers, their fans, and wider society. 

© Australian Museum


DEC 2025 – APR 2026

Created by the Australian Museum, Sharks invites you to explore the fascinating, and often misunderstood, world of sharks. Come face-to-face with life-sized scientifically accurate shark models, including one of the most famous and feared species of shark, the Great White Shark. Learn through artifacts and tactile displays; be immersed in a 3D interactive scan of a shark body; and see the world in a 360-degree view through the eyes of a Hammerhead Shark. 

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a quarter of the world's sharks are threatened with extinction. Sharks presents the very latest information on conservation, sharks’ impact on oceans, and efforts to protect sharks.

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Nature Boy: The Photography of Olaf Petersen