Te Ao Tūroa

Te Ao Tūroa the Māori natural history gallery, has been developed to provide visitors with an opportunity for learning about Māori knowledge and understanding of the natural world


This gallery focuses on Mātauranga Māori, the traditional concepts of knowledge, knowing and cultural practice developed by Māori ancestors within Aotearoa. 

Mātauranga Māori is the understanding of knowledge pooled over generations, from observations about the nature of the universe, the environment, the stars in the sky, the sea and its inhabitants, the nature of human behaviour, and the inter-connectedness of all these factors.

It is a dynamic and evolving system of knowledge gathered to equip members of society to thrive in Aotearoa and beyond. This gallery aims to introduce visitors to aspects of Mātauranga Māori and its place in this country’s history, present, and future.


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