How fast could an Ichthyosaur swim? Just how long was a Plesiosaur? There's plenty of Sea Monsters things to see, learn and do right here on this page. Dive on in!  

Colour in your own Sea Monsters at home

A favourite part for many visitors of the Sea Monsters exhibition was an interactive colouring station, where you can colour in a Sea Monster and then scan it in to make it swim across the wall. You even get to choose the mood your Sea Monster is in, what size they are and how fast they swim. 

Below you can download the colouring sheets to print off at home and colour your Sea Monsters. 

Watch Treasures and Tales: Dino Discovery

Take a trip millions of years back in time to the age of dinosaurs and sea monsters. Find out about some of the Museum’s most fascinating pre-historic objects, plus learn about why dinosaurs and sea monsters aren't the same!

How much do you know about dino discoverer, Joan Wiffen?


It was once a widely held belief that dinosaurs never existed in Aotearoa. Afterall, our Island nation is isolated at the bottom of the world. But self-taught palaeontologist, Joan Wiffen proved that theory wrong, discovering dinosaur bones for the first time in Aotearoa in 1975.

Learn about Joan and test your knowledge on her in the quiz below.


Are you ready to be a palaeontologist?


Take our test to find out whether you’re ready to discover prehistoric marine animals of your own. You can take the test as many times as you like, so don’t worry if you don’t get 100% the first time!


Were sea monster or dinosaur fossils discovered first?

Watch this quick video to find out.

Who was the biggest sea monster of them all?

Click play to find out.

Take a quiz about Mary Anning: Seeker of Sea Monsters


The fascinating fossils in the Sea Monsters exhibition didn’t just conveniently reveal themselves to us. Intrepid humans went fossil hunting, dug them out and tried to discover exactly what they were. One of these fabulous humans was a woman called Mary Anning who found many amazing sea monsters in the early 1800’s. And remember, this was a time when everyone believed the earth was less than 6000 years old. It would have been mind-boggling to imagine that some of these creatures were… a Hundred. Million. Years. Old.

So how much do you know about this working-class woman who carved her own path through life? Was the tongue twister “she sells seashells on the seashore” really written about her? We’ll never know for sure. But some details about her life and work have been captured for posterity. See how much you know, or can guess, about one of palaeontology’s unsung heroes.


Sea Monsters Puzzle

Are you a budding cyber-palaentologist? See if you can put one of our Sea Monsters fossils back together with this online puzzle!

You can adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to suit the puzzler, so it suits any age, skill level, or time constraint.


Invent Your Own Sea Monster Activity Sheet

Why not try inventing your own sea monster? It could have 10 eyes and 6 flippers. It could even have rainbow scales and a curly tail. It’s all up you!


Check out our fun te reo Māori kids activities!

Kāri Tākaro Moko Tuauri - Prehistoric Flashcards

He kāri pai ēnei ki te pūrei i te kēmu whakamaumahara kia ako i ngā meka, ingoa hoki o ngā Moko Tuauri o te ao.

These cards in te reo Māori are great for a memory game! Learn the facts and names of the world's ancient dinosaurs and sea monsters.


Kimi kupu | Mahi ā te Mātai Moko Tuauri - Paleontology Word Find

He kimi kupu tēnei e pā ana ki ngā mahi ā te Mātai Moko Tuauri.

Search for te reo Māori words within this paleontology word find.