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Olaf Petersen is one of New Zealand’s finest nature photographers, documenting our country’s landscape and its people. Here, we've curated an online Nature Boy: The Photography of Olaf Petersen experience where you can virtually explore the exhibition and discover even more about Olaf Petersen's life and photography.

Nature Boy

The Photography of Olaf Petersen

Nature Boy


Olaf shows the beauty that is all around you. This exhibition will invite you to stop and recognise it.

Olaf Petersen. ca. 1970. Hold It. Auckland Museum. © Olaf Petersen Estate.

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Listen to firsthand accounts from the people in Olaf's life. 

Hear unique perspectives of some of the photographs on display. 

UNESCO Memory of the World 

The vision of the Memory of the World programme is that the world’s documentary heritage belongs to all, should be fully preserved and protected for all and, with due recognition of cultural mores and practicalities, should be permanently accessible to all without hindrance.

Olaf Petersen's work is on the UNESCO Memory of the World Aotearoa New Zealand Register. Below, exhibition curator Shaun Higgins (Curator Pictorial) talks about Olaf Petersen and the value of his work. 

Collections Online

Uncover the rest of the story

Collections Online

Go beyond the exhibition, and explore the Museum's digitised archives featuring over 2000 photographs from Olaf Petersen's collection.

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Olaf Petersen. 1952. I'm Late. Auckland Museum. © Olaf Petersen Estate.

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Dive into articles about Olaf Petersen's work from around the web. 

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As a centenarian research institution with over 4 million collection items, Auckland Museum has a story or two to tell.

Nature Boy: The Photography of Olaf Petersen shines a light on some of the Museum's most understated pictorial collections. Explore more perspectives from our collections here.