Curated by the Sudanese community of Aotearoa New Zealand, Sudan - A Confluence of Cultures showcased the history and art of this culturally rich country.

This exhibit is now closed, but you can take a virtual peek at what was on display on this page. 

Sudan - A Confluence of Cultures
Te Taunga Community Hub

Sudan - A Confluence of Cultures


Visitors at Sudan: A Confluence of Cultures were able to discover the many stories of Sudan in this exhibit curated by the Sudanese community of Aotearoa New Zealand.

On display in Te Taunga, the Museum's Community Hub, this exhibit showcased the history and art of this culturally rich country, told by Sudanese people of many varied ancestries and lifestyles.

Just as the Blue and White Nile meet in Sudan, A Confluence of Cultures celebrates the intersection of Sudanese diversity, and nurtures the relationship with our communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Wedding Room

Wedding affairs are a big part of the Sudanese culture. Traditions and ceremonial customs have been passed down over thousands of years.


Beliefs and customs of local people, as well as climate conditions, have a great influence on national clothing. The people of Sudan have traditionally worn loose-fitting long outfits made of light natural fabrics.

The Jalabeya

The Jalabeya

The Jalabeya - the traditional wear for men in Sudan – is a loose fitting ankle-length garment with long wide sleeves. It can be worn with an eema or ammama (turban) and is traditionally made of white fabric. However, it can also be made with luxurious grey, black, tan, dark green, olive or striped fabrics. Versions for farmers are often white, designed with wider sleeves and sewn-in pockets which can be used to carry money, tobacco, and small items.

Jalabeya, the traditional wear for men in Sudan

The Thoub

The Thoub

Women wear the Thoub, which is a beautiful long garment/piece of fabric wrapped around, worn on top of a dress or a top/blouse and skirt. The garments can be made from silk, satin, polyester, cotton and other fabrics. It can be of any colour and may have various designs, patterns and embellished embroidery on the fabric. A red colour thoub in addition to extravagant gold jewelry is reserved for the brides as part of their wedding ceremony.

The Thoub, traditional women's wear in Sudan

Beautiful items on display

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View the exhibit and learn more from event organiser Dr Ala Farah in this video by videographer/producer Rami Baha. Music by Sammany Hago.

Closing the exhibit in style

Closing the exhibit in style

Members of the Sudanese community held an African fashion display on Sunday 23 January to close Sudan: A Confluence of Cultures. 

View pictures of the closing event and learn more about creating the exhibit from project manager and community liaison, Rahman Bashir.

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Sudanese Women Traditional Dress (White - Everyday, Red- Wedding Costume)

Marwa (Travelling Sudania)



Art can often speak to people the things that can’t always be said with words. It was truly invigorating and inspirational to see how many Sudanese artists were eager to speak through their art, to New Zealand and the world.

The following people deserve our utmost gratitude and appreciation, for their generosity, amazing talent, and contribution to this exhibition. The amount of support we received from the Sudanese community overseas has been heart-warming and we were truly overwhelmed by the response.

The Sudanese people have an aptitude for art and storytelling, and we are fortunate that we have been able to showcase a fraction of our peoples’ amazing talent and experiences through this exhibition.

Mr Abdelaziz Mohammed

Mr Abdulwahab Sumel

Mr Ahmed Classic

Mr Ahmed ElFatih

Mr Ala Khair

Mr Alsadiq Sumel

Mr Diaeldin Khalil Abdelwahid

Rt Hon. Faisal Mohamed Saleh

Mr Fayez Abubakr

Mr Ghasan Saaid

Mr Hashim Alshiwaya

Mr Hashim Sulieman Ibnouf

Mr Hisham Karouri

Prof Intisar Elzein Soghayroun

Ms Lamees Hassan

Ms Marwa (Travelling Sudania)

Mr Mazin Abdelmajid Bushra Ismail (Mazin AlSafia)

Mr Migdad Khalil (Sequence Productions)

Mr Mo Eltayeb (Eltezza Limited)

Mr Mohammed Abdelwahab Taha

Mr Mohammed Abdulmajid Mohammed Elhassan

Mr Mohamed Kordofani

Mr Mohsen Mohammed

Mr Musaab Emam

Mr Mustafa Rudwan

Dr Nouar ElSaid

Ms Ola Alsheikh

Ms Omyma Mohamed Adballatif Ali

Mr Osama Siddiq Yousif (Arka Photography)

Mr Rami Bahaeldin

Ms Rayan Khalil

Ms Samia Sobhi Skander

Mr Sammany Hajo

Mr Sobhi Skander

Mr Yasser Saeed