Caring for your taonga at home

Ever wondered how best to look after your precious things at home? Keepsafes is an original video series where the Collection Care team will share the Museum's tips and tricks to make sure your photos, heirlooms, wedding dresses and more stand the test of time. 

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Here's a bit about the Collection Care team and what you can look out for in the series

Storing your photographs

In this video, Megan Harvey (Collection Manager) shows us how to store photographs at home

Handling and labelling your photographs

In this video, Anika Klee (Senior Collection Manager) offers tips on handling and labelling photographs

Caring for medals

In this episode, Hannah Pym (Collection Manager, Gallery Improvements) will give you advice and tips on caring for your medals.

Preventing damage at home

In this episode, Megan Harvey (Collection Manager, Collection Care) offers tips on safeguarding your treasures from 10 common risks in your home.

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Set, card, M2568, © Auckland Museum CC BY
What is Collection Care?

What is Collection Care?

The Collection Care team of conservators and collection managers work to maintain and improve the condition of the collections so they can be studied, exhibited and interpreted for generations to come.

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