Ngā kōrero paki mō ō matou whānau, hapu, Iwi, ō mātou taonga, me ō mātou kāinga.
Auckland Museum is home to over 4 million objects and a team of passionate people who care for, learn from, and share our important collections. Here are the stories from our people and our taonga. 

Special Features

Super-sized butterflies

Described as the ‘tarts of the insect world’, butterflies dress up like no other insect. However, the naked eye is blind to much of its beauty, something that was revealed by our photography team during the making of “The Secret World of Butterflies”.

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Seaweeds of Auckland

Ranging from microscopic algae to the massive bull kelp, Auckland has a diverse range of seaweeds with over 400 documented species. In this piece, we profile some of Auckland's notorious and eye-catching seaweeds that can be found around the coastline. 

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Craft and Protest: Collecting the Women's March

Last year, over 1000 Aucklanders walked down Queen St in support of the Women’s March on Washington, forming part of a global protest that drew in millions. The signs, posters and banners that were carried as part of the march displayed messages of anger, solidarity, bewilderment and hope. To capture this moment in time, our curators worked hard to show the diversity of perspectives voiced during this march.

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The Ngāpuhi Nursing Sisters

Self-styled as the Ngāpuhi Nursing Sisters of Mercy, this group of Ngāpuhi women organised themselves using the military ranks and traditions of the New Zealand Army to contribute to New Zealand's War effort during the South African War of 1899 - 1902. In this piece, Geraldine Warren and Ella Johnson, explore the story of these women who challenged traditional gender roles and restrictions placed on them during this time.

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