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Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes
Special exhibition

Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes

This exhibition from the British Museum’s world-renowned collection from the Ancient Greek world is the largest selection of ancient artefacts ever loaned by the British Museum to New Zealand. Here you can explore things to watch, read, and puzzles to put together to expand your ancient Greeks experience. 


The Photography of Olaf Petersen
Current exhibition

Nature Boy

The Photography of Olaf Petersen

Olaf Petersen is one of New Zealand’s finest nature photographers, documenting our country’s landscape and its people. Here, we've curated an online Nature Boy: The Photography of Olaf Petersen experience where you can virtually explore the exhibition and discover even more about Olaf Petersen's life and photography.

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Olaf Petersen. 1952. I'm Late. Auckland Museum. © Olaf Petersen Estate.

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