Accessibility Virtual Tour

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their visit to the Museum. This virtual walk-through will help you plan how you arrive, where to store bags, where bathrooms are located and much more.



How to use this tour

  • The Blue Line indicates a pathway for visitors using wheelchairs or walkers. This route has no stairs or steps.
  • The Green Line indicates a pathway for visitors with mobility impairments. While this route does contain stairs, we have provided information like the number of steps between points.
  • Click on the white circles to navigate forward through each space. Drag your mouse (or finger if using mobile) to look around the space and find your next destination.
  • Purple dots indicate information points - these are positioned around the tour in places where you might need more information.
  • The white box on the left lets you choose an area and go directly to it, like the car park levels.
  • Use the button containing four arrows in the top right-hand corner of the tour to see the tour in full-screen.

Additional Mobility Parking

We have added two dedicated drop-off and pick-up mobility parking spaces with accessibility ramps.

These are located on the west side of the Museum and are the closest carparks to the Memorial Entrance. These are drop-off and pick-up only for a maximum of ten minutes. 

We have also increased the number of mobility parks at the southern end of the Museum by the South Atrium.

If you need to use a mobility park, we recommend that you drop off passengers at the two drop-off and pick-up parks and then park for the duration of the Museum visit at the South Atrium mobility parks.