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Renew your Membership to remain a valued Member of Auckland Museum. Log in below to view your Membership details, check renewal options and proceed with your renewal. There are one-year and three-year Membership options available for you to choose from.


Renew your Membership the easy way

Renew your Membership the easy way

When you renew your Membership this time around, be sure to tick the 'auto-renew' option, so that you don't need to manually renew your Membership next year. You'll receive an advance notice before we debit your credit card and can opt out of this any time. 

We now offer Three-Year Memberships

We now offer Three-Year Memberships

Our Three-Year Museum Member and Auckland Museum Institute Member options provide the best value. Renew for three years and gain free unlimited entry to all our paid international exhibitions, enjoy Preview Days and Exclusive Viewings, and stay up to date with everything that’s going on at your Museum with our Members’ e-newsletter.

Are you making the most of your Membership?

Are you making the most of your Membership?

Along with free entry to all paid exhibitions, we regularly hold special events exclusively for Members. Check out upcoming Members’ events here

Members also receive a wide range of benefits including discounts to Museum events, and 10% off at the Museum Store and cafes. View all Membership benefits here.

Current major exhibition

Current major exhibition

As a Member, you can visit our current and upcoming ticketed major exhibitions free of charge, as many times as you like.

Egypt: In the Time of Pharaohs On now until Sun 12 Nov

View all exhibitions here

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Back at Auckland Museum

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Witness the world's top nature photographs from the most prestigious photography event of its kind, beautifully illuminated, up close and in person.

Opening in December, this exhibition displays the winning photographs from the 59th year of the most prestigious nature photography competition in the world, organised by London's Natural History Museum.

This is a paid exhibition but is free for Museum Members.

Find out more

Add up to three Friends & Whānau passes to your Membership

Add up to three Friends & Whānau passes to your Membership


Add up to three Friends & Whānau passes for $25 each when you renew your Membership, for our Museum Member or Auckland Museum Institute Membership types. Tautoko Members automatically receive three Friends & Whānau passes included with their Membership. Friends & Whānau passes are valid in conjunction with your annual Membership, and they are loaded onto your Membership card; separate cards are not issued.


  • Free General Admission
  • Unlimited free entry to all exhibitions
  • Exclusive exhibition previews and after hours events
  • Access to regular talks or behind the scenes tours


The pass does not provide friends and family with access to discounts and they do not receive Member emails and updates.

Your friends and family must accompany you to be able to share in your privilege.



+When will my Membership expire?

Depending on the Membership type you have chosen, Membership is valid for 12 or 36 months from the day of purchase or the date you have selected when purchasing a Gift Membership.

Do not hesitate to contact the Membership team at (09) 306 7923 or email with any questions about your renewal.

The expiry date of the Friends & Whānau pass is the same as the Membership expiry date, regardless of whether they are purchased at the same time or a different time.

+How can I renew my Membership?

You will receive your renewal notice prior to your Membership expiring. You can renew online, by phone, and at any ticket desk within the Museum. Alternatively, you can opt to auto-renew when you sign up, which means we renew your Membership automatically at the end of your Membership. You will receive advance notice before we debit your credit card, and you can opt out of this any time. 

For more information on auto-renewals, please contact the Membership team at (09) 306 7923 or email

Auto-renewal is currently not available for our Three-Year Memberships.

+I have already renewed my Membership. Why am I still receiving renewal notices?

Because of processing times, your payment and our renewal notice may cross paths. If you wish to confirm that we have received your Membership payment, email

Please disregard any notices you’ll receive after your payment has been submitted.

+Will I receive a new Membership card when I renew my Membership?

No. Once your Membership card is issued you will keep the same card for as long as you remain a financial Member of Auckland War Memorial Museum.

+What happens if I renew my Membership early?

You will not lose any time on your Membership by renewing early. The renewal will take effect when your current Membership expires.

Example: If a Membership expires on 8 April 2022 but is renewed early on 20 March 2022, the renewal will still take place after 8 April 2022.

+What happens if I renew my Membership after it’s expired?

Your Membership will start from the day you renew, it will not be backdated.

Example: If a Membership expires on 8 April 2022 but isn’t renewed until 20 May 2022 then the Membership will re-start again from 20 May 2022 and the new renewal date will be 20 May 2023.

+What happens if I don’t want to renew my Membership straight away?

You can choose to delay the renewal of your Membership. However, once a Membership has expired, you won’t be able to claim your Membership benefits, such as free entry to paid exhibitions, 10% discount in retail store or Museum Cafés, etc.

+Can you automatically renew my Membership?

Yes, let us look after renewing your Membership for you by choosing auto-renewal, which means you authorise Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira to automatically renew your Membership.

Auto-renewal is currently not available for our Three-Year Membership option.

You’ll be notified by email at least 14 days prior to being charged for your Membership. If you change your mind about auto-renewing, you can cancel up to three working days prior to the auto-renewal date by calling (09) 306 7923 or by emailing  

To process payments for Members who have selected automatic renewal, Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira will retain payment information using tokenisation technology for enhanced security. We do not store credit card numbers.

If your credit card is declined when we try to charge you for your Membership, we will reach out to you via email, phone and/or post to discuss alternative payment methods. Once your Membership has expired, your Membership will be inactivated until we have received and processed your payment.

+Who can renew a Gift Membership?

While anyone can make the initial purchase of a Gift Membership, after this we usually expect the gift recipient/Member to renew their Membership.

However, some people may wish to keep paying for that gifted Membership. If this is the case, please contact us by phone (09) 306 7923 or email For security purposes we ask that you don’t email us your credit card details. 

+I don’t have an email address, how do I renew my Membership?

If we don’t have an email address for you, you will be notified via post. You can then renew your Membership online via our website, at the Museum ticket desks or via phone (09) 306 7923.

+Can I renew my Membership without having a Membership card?

Yes, you can renew online, over the phone (09) 306 7923 or at our ticket desks by giving us your contact details.

If you have lost your Membership card and are renewing your Membership, we will issue a new card free of charge.

Outside of renewals we charge $10 for a replacement card. To receive retail store or Museum café discounts, you need to present your Membership card in those locations.

+I am an AMI Member. How do I renew my Membership?

If you have purchased one of our Auckland Museum Institute Memberships, you will automatically receive an email notification with an online payment link when your Membership comes up for renewal.

Alternatively, you can renew at any Ticket desk when visiting the Museum or log into your Tessitura account through our website