Auckland Museum’s internships are available to senior undergraduate or postgraduate students for specific projects that support their learning. Internship placements can be between four weeks and four months long and are available on a case-by-case basis only. There are two intakes per year – in March and in August, with a small number of internships available outside these times. 


Application Process


Applications can be considered if: 

* You have completed your first year of a tertiary course.

* The internship/placement/project is a compulsory requirement of your course.

* The placement is supported by your tertiary institution.


To apply, please complete the following: 

* A brief CV, including grades of your current study.

* A letter that explains your interest in an internship at Auckland Museum, your study interests, and your intended learning outcomes. Please also detail your timeline and availability. In addition, we are interested to hear your achievements so far, and what your aspirations are.  

* Background information from your tertiary institution that explains the need/requirements for your placement. 


More information about the March 2021 intake will be available in January 2021.