Curated by distinguished artists of Indian heritage in Aotearoa New Zealand, this collaborative show explores the question: What is contemporary New Zealand Indian art?

This exhibition is now closed, but you can take a virtual peek at what was on display on this page. 

Pictured: REMNANT and MANY HANDS by Tiffany Singh, Mandrika Rupa and the Siddi Quilt Community

A Place to Stand: Contemporary Indian Art in Aotearoa
SUN 15 MAY - SUN 24 JUL 2022

A Place to Stand: Contemporary Indian Art in Aotearoa

The Kshetra Collective presents:

A Place to Stand

ठहराव का स्थान Thahraav Ka Sthaan

നിൽക്കാൻ ഒരു സ്ഥലം ઊભા રહેવાની જગ્યા

 ثابت قدمی والا بلد Turangawaewae

The artists of the Kshetra Collective embody a range of the Indian diaspora and its diversity. The collective aims to be inclusive of artists and creatives rather than focusing on a specific group, religion or language. This is the first group show of its kind in Aotearoa and is of great significance, especially for communities and audiences that have had little representation in respected New Zealand institutions.

Everything you will see and experience in the gallery has been chosen by the artists to tell their own story, from the artworks on display, to the labels, the signage, and even the lighting.

A Place to Stand: Contemporary Indian Art in Aotearoa was supported by the Local Activation Fund Programme, administered by Auckland Unlimited on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

Pictured: UNCLE ROHAN by Jacob Rajan

Artists Tiffany Singh (installation- fine art), Shruti Yatri (painting), Mandrika Rupa (film), Jacob Rajan - Indian Ink (theatre), Rafik Patel (spatial design), Sarah Dutt (painting and rangoli), and Mandy Rupa-Reid (classical dance) invite you to discover and explore artworks that represent each artist’s ideas and professional practice, born from their own experience, heritage, and creative interests.

In addition to the stunning artworks on display, A Place to Stand features interactive elements, video interviews with the artists, and documentary film.


Pictured: PĪPĪWHARAUROA by Shruti Yatri

Take a tour of the exhibit


Pictured: MAHAMAYA by Shruti Yatri

Watch the panel discussion

On Saturday 2 July, the Kshetra Collective presented a live panel discussion. Join artists Mandrika Rupa, Jacob Rajan, Tiffany Singh, Shruti Yatri, Rafik Patel, Sarah Dutt and Mandy Rupa-Reid as they discuss the question: What is Contemporary Indian Art in Aotearoa?