Discover the world of the ancient Greeks from home 

In June 2022 the largest collection of ancient Greek artefacts ever loaned from the British Museum to New Zealand went on display in the Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors, and Heroes exhibition.

Here, we're inviting you to go beyond the walls of the Museum to discover ancient Greece at home, with blogs, videos, and more.

Things to watch

Dr. Peter Higgs, Acting Keeper of Ancient Worlds at the British Museum introduces some of the exhibition highlights.

Things to read

Discover the ancient Greek influence within Auckland Museum.


Put together pieces of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece at Auckland Museum 

See what's in store in our own collection from Collections Online.

Main Banner Image: Terracotta Figure of Nike, 3RDC BCE-2NDC BCE, Canosa Di Puglia, Italy © The Trustees of the British Museum

Ancient Greeks Exhibition Banner Image: Silver coin showing an owl (rev), minted in Athens, Greece, about 527-430 BCE. © The Trustees of the British Museu