Auckland Museum was one of the earliest GLAM institutions in Aotearoa New Zealand to engage with Wikipedia, hosting the first Wikimedian in Residence in 2017. Since then volunteers have uploaded over 100,000 openly licensed images to Wikimedia. In 2020 Mike Dickison was commissioned to write a An Auckland Museum Wikipedia Strategy which has informed the Museum's Wikipedia Workplan, which is discussed below.


More information about past and present Wikipedia activities can be found on the Auckland Museum GLAM project page. We also have a page with regularly updated statistics which illustrates the impact of Wikipedia making the Museum's collections more widely accesible. The statistics are based on the usage of Auckland Museum images uploaded to Wikimedia.


If you're interested in more information about our Wiki Workplan, or would like to volunteer, please email


Auckland Museum Wiki Workplan




This financial year the Museum plans to take a more active strategic approach to its engagement with Wikimedia, Wikipedia and Wikidata, with a new Wiki Workplan that enables it to work towards Five Year Strategic Plan goals to “reach more people” and “stretch thinking” by leveraging the Museum’s open collections and the wider Wiki ecosystem.


In developing this workplan the Museum's Collection Information and Access team commissioned a report by Mike Dickison as it sought input from the Wiki community itself about how to best engage with the Wiki ecosystem. The report, An Auckland Museum Wikipedia Strategy, covered a number of areas: the coverage of museum building, staff and collections on Wikipedia; Wikimedia Commons image uploads; Wikimedia Commons licensing; Wikidata engagement; Museum research and publications; Museum photography and documentation, and the relationship with the Wikimedia community. In total there were 56 recommendations.


The Museum's new Workplan has been informed by both the recommendations of this report and internal research into Wikipedia and Wikidata best practice.


Auckland Museum Wiki Workplan 2020-21


This year the Museum aims to focus on three broad themes: Enhancement, Engagement and Enrichment. This work will be partly foundational, tidying up data and imagery already uploaded to Wikimedia and Wikipedia, partly based on strengthening relationships with the Wikimedia community, as well as adding some new images and data to Wiki projects:


Engage with the Wiki community in person and online. This will involve quarterly events onsite – either edit-a-thons or meetups (tbc COVID) and reaching out to online volunteers who have used Museum collections on Wikipedia and Wikimedia.


Enhance data in Wikipedia & Wikimedia. Fix broken links and investigate enhancing internal reporting and analytics from Wikipedia.


Enrich Wikimedia and Wikidata with new data. Upload new data for staff profiles, Museum publications, Museum research into Wikidata, and add new Museum publicity images to Wikimedia.


In taking this approach the Museum is seeking to increase engagement on various Wikimedia platforms focusing on local and global communities, both online and on-site. The end goal is to pivot towards a strategic approach that contributes Museum collections and expertise to increase engagement and contributes to Wikipedia's goals of making knowledge free, open and accessible for all.


Workplan Actions 2020-21


Engage with Community:

•  Host at least one community meetup and one public Wikipedia event each year (depending on COVID situation).

• Reach out to experienced Auckland Wikipedians and offer to host an Auckland Museum edit-a-thon in the library, with lunch supplied.

• Offer a volunteer reward to Auckland Wikimedians.

• Identify the main community contributors using Auckland Museum resources, and make contact on their Talk page, thanking them for their contribution.


Enrich Wikimedia content:

• Create an Auckland Museum page in Commons – a hand-curated gallery of the best building, exhibit, object, and staff photos.

• Upload quality Museum publicity images of the building's exterior.


Enhance analytics:

• Investigate more detailed analytics that track referral path to AM website, to determine the top-referring articles


Enhance data & images on Wikipedia:

• Correct Collections Online and Online Cenotaph links in Wikipedia.

• Update “Hero” images so they have excellent Wikimedia Commons metadata.

• Fix broken object links on Commons. Eg covert / to /


Enrich Wikidata:

• Systematic entry of Museum publications in Wikidata.

• Create a Wikipedia article and multiple Wikidata items for the editions of Native Animals of New Zealand.

• Ensure all living staff have an ORCID ID, and supply birth and death dates for deceased staff.

• Increase the visibility of Museum staff by ensuring ORCID IDs and Wikidata IDs are displayed on Auckland Museum website staff pages.

• Continue with the Auckland Museum Women in Red project by entering biographical data into Wikidata.