Auckland Museum is temporarily closed

Auckland Museum is closed to visitors until further notice, in step with our country's efforts to limit the transmission of Covid-19. Our website remains open for you to browse. Visit Auckland Museum At Home.

From across the web we’ve brought together many of the places you can explore our amazing collections. If you’re a Natural Science fan, a Human History buff or you love Documentary Heritage, this is the place for you online.

Explore the Sir Edmund Hillary Archive

Explore the Sir Edmund Hillary Archive

Explore the newly catalogued Hillary Pictorial Archive, featuring more than 7,000 photos from Sir Edmund Hillary’s personal collection. These provide a first-hand record of his world-famous international expeditions and of his family life.  
In 2008, Sir Edmund Hillary’s extensive personal archive was bequeathed to Auckland Museum and we received funding to support the digitisation of the pictorial items in the collection. Recognised internationally for its importance, this collection has been placed on the UNESCO International Memory of the World Register.

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Explore our Applied Arts and Design Collection using this interactive timeline. Slide to reveal objects from any era, dating back to 1565.


Explore our collections by colour

Explore our collections by colour


Ways you can use images of Auckland Museum collection items

Add interest to your internet

We've made a Google Chrome extension that shares a photo of an object from our Collection every time you open a new browser tab.

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Spruce up your Zoom background

Our favourite collection item images, for use as your screensaver or background to your video calls.

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Brighten up your day by colouring our collections

Botanical drawings, vintage posters and iconic illustrations have been turned into downloadable colouring-in pages. Take some time out to be mindful and colour-in our collections today.

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Staff favourite collection objects

Hear from Nina Finigan, Curator Manuscripts on her favourite two objects in the Auckland Museum collection, filmed in 2017.

To view more information about the letter mentioned visit this collections record page

Crown Lynn Showcase

Crown Lynn Showcase

Take a trip down memory lane with an online exhibition of our Crown Lynn collection, via Google Arts and Culture. 

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Beauty is in the eye of the purse-holder

Beauty is in the eye of the purse-holder

The protruding claws may not scream elegance at first, but this purse crafted from the foot of an albatross is part of a long history of pouches and bags fashioned from seabirds. Take a Google Arts & Culture audio tour of this peculiar purse and learn how such a curious object came into being.

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Collections Online

We've refreshed our Collections Online section of our website, to make it more user friendly and bring some interesting Collections insights to the fore.

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Share a Stay at Home Selfie

Life in a bubble

Share a Stay at Home Selfie

As we all adapt to life in lockdown, the definition of "our place" has become quite specific.

Life in a bubble involves day-to-day existence with your bubble companions, be they whānau, flatmates or people you happened to end up with on the day the lockdown started.

Our Stay at Home Selfie request is an opportunity to share this life in your bubble, to show your bubble companions and contribute to a collection of images that show this unique experience from your perspective.

The media are doing their essential work reporting the outside world. What we are asking for is life inside the bubble, in the home of Aucklanders. Stay home and help us all get through this together.

Our previous selfie request has resulted in a collection of over 800 selfies of Aucklanders sharing views of themselves within Tāmaki Makaurau.

We thought it would be great to extend the invitation to give us a glimpse of your unique bubble, send us more selfies and create a record to look back everyday life during this extraordinary time. Your “stay at home" selfies.

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