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A Triad of Safekeeping

A Triad of Safekeeping

Rowan Panther

A Triad of Safekeeping

A Triad of Safekeeping is the title of a new publication that focuses on the recently acquired work of the same name by lacemaker Rowan Panther. A triptych of laceworks that bind past, present, and future stories, A Triad of Safekeeping was first displayed at Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland War Memorial Museum in December 2021

Borne from the deep knowledge  of Rowan’s Pacific and European ancestry, and woven from fine muka threads of harakeke grown in the artist’s own garden; A Triad of Safekeeping explores connections between people, place and identity.

Image supplied by Rowan Panther

Image supplied by Louis Panther

They are pieces of protection drawn together by the idea of ancestry, background and culture. I feel that brings a wider spiritual protection for the wearer, so you keep them safe and they keep you safe.

Rowan Panther

Edited by Andrea Low (Associate Curator Contemporary World) A Triad of Safekeeping features a preface by Chantal Knowles (Head of Human History) and essays by curators Fuli Pereira, Kahutoi Te Kanawa and Jane Groufsky.

The book is part of an occasional series that began with Archives of Emotion by Curator Manuscripts Nina Finigan and is available now from the Museum Store.


A Triad of Safekeeping will be on display at Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland Museum until December 2022.

The works are situated in Case 100, between Te Marae Ātea Māori Court and Ngā Mounga ā Kiwa Pacific Masterpieces.

Banner image by Daan Hoffman. Gallery image by Richard Ng - Museum Photographers © Auckland Museum